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I am researching for a student developed nanosat mission, and would like to know which companies to buy from. The sensors are sun sensors and magnetometers. The actuators are magnetorquers. Can anyone please point me to a site that does a comparative study of all commercially available components and helps me choose?

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I take it you mean space-qualified components? – My Other Head Jan 10 at 9:15
What is the mission profile and duration? If LEO and 2 weeks, say, COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) might work, but no guarantees. You might end up with an orbiting doorstop. If NEO or Van Allen Belts or magnetosphere, forget COTS. – My Other Head Jan 10 at 9:19
This type of questions is not much liked on Stack Exchange. Please read You should edit your question to ask about criteria, not for shopping recommendations. – Deer Hunter Jan 10 at 20:49

I take you mean space-qualified parts? So far as I know, there isn't one specific site.

What is the mission duration and profile?

Try the product, supplier and company searches here, here, and here. Also try here and here.

You can try also the industry one-stop shops like this one - search several countries, this one, or this one. There's lot's more.

For an national space agency's perspectives, try, and the NASA Parts Selection List I don't know what the equivalents are for ESA, CNES, or DLR, or the Italian national space agency. If you find out, please let me know in a comment.

A reference of interest to you might be this paper, for starters.

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I do not know of any all-inclusive review of the available COTS hardware for small satellites. NASA does, however, have a nice paper detailing/discussing current technology for small spacecraft, which I would recommend checking out -

"Small Spacecraft" in the paper are defined to be <180kg, however it has an emphasis on CubeSat-related technology. It is not exclusively focused on COTS hardware, but even if you do not find a specific sensor or magnetorquer you want to use, I think it is worth it to read through the sections on the subsystem(s) you are in charge of. I had a similar project to you and found their discussion on the subsystem I was charge of to be quite helpful.

If you do not find the specific hardware you are looking for, I would recommend you check out Clyde Space ( and Innovative Solutions In Space (, which both have a strong selection of CubeSat/nanosat components to choose from.

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