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Top new questions this week:

What is a "Major Component Failure" referred to in news reports about the unsuccessful Space Launch System core stage test firing?

In reporting about the unsuccessful green run of the SLS core stage, Ars Technica mentions About 50 seconds into what was supposed to be an 8-minute test firing, the flight control center called out, ...

engine-design failure sls ssme  
asked by Organic Marble 24 votes
answered by Organic Marble 34 votes

Why don't lasers last long in space?

A news article reports that OSIRIS-REx was equipped with two lasers for the spacecraft to shoot off the rock and study the echo to facilitate its landing and sampling maneuver. ... Most lasers don't ...

laser osiris-rex  
asked by Camille Goudeseune 22 votes
answered by KarlKastor 22 votes

Why is it so hard to build crewed rockets/spacecraft able to reach escape velocity?

Why are we still not going farther than to Low Earth Orbit? Orbital velocity is about 4.8 mi/s (7.7 km/s) and escape velocity is about 7 mi/s (11.2 km/s), about 45% faster. Why is it so hard to reach ...

crewed-spaceflight orbital-maneuver interplanetary escape-velocity  
asked by Greenhorn 12 votes
answered by Schwern 44 votes

Which RS-25s are on the Artemis 1 rocket?

The SLS core to be used for the Artemis 1 flight will use four RS-25 engines. These reusable engines were used on the Space Shuttle Orbiter previously. Is there a listing of which SSMEs are planned ...

space-shuttle reuse ssme artemis-program  
asked by dotancohen 6 votes
answered by Organic Marble 8 votes

Are submarine launches horizontal?

Are the rockets launched from submarines in a horizontal or vertical position? I mean for the space launches like Volna and Shtil. This article says By reaching orbit, LauncherOne has become the first ...

launch-site launch-vehicle  
asked by Joe Jobs 4 votes
answered by Uwe 14 votes

Has a rocket from a torpedo tube ever reached space?

Are submarine launches horizontal? is a general question and specifies by name two large ICBMs which are likely to need to be launched vertically. Since the large naval submarines usually come ready-...

launch history military weapon sea-launch  
asked by uhoh 4 votes
answered by Uwe -2 votes

Rocket fuel cost to launch 1 kg to orbit

I have 2 questions about the cost of liquid rocket fuel to launch (anything) to LEO orbit. Let's assume we use fuels used in commercial spaceflight today (probably LOX+LH2 or LOX+RP-1 etc.). What is ...

rockets fuel liquid-fuel cost cost-to-orbit  
asked by Kozuch 4 votes
answered by Christopher James Huff 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Efficient types of nozzles used in rockets

Is there any other type of nozzle other than common convergent-divergent nozzle (see picture below) which is used in many rockets?             ...

propulsion rockets engine-design  
asked by Hash 14 votes
answered by TildalWave 17 votes

Who coined the phrase 'Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly'?

Usually simply abbreviated as a RUD, and also sometimes expanded as Rapid Unplanned Disassembly, and being a way of understating that a rocket exploded. I saw it attributed recently to Elon Musk, ...

rockets history terminology rud  
asked by kim holder 54 votes
answered by PearsonArtPhoto 49 votes

How stable would a Falcon 9 first stage be after it has landed on a drone ship?

Presumably, the booster would be a very light, very tall tube (Most of the fuel spent) standing on 4 fairly small legs on a ship in the middle of the ocean. It would also still contain some LOX and ...

spacex falcon-9 reuse falcon9-r first-stage  
asked by neelsg 20 votes
answered by TildalWave 13 votes

What does "double vacuum pressure" mean in space-suit testing?

There was news of the new SpaceX space suit in Reddit and now a mention in Elon Musk's Instagram where he says: First picture of SpaceX spacesuit. More in days to follow. Worth noting that this ...

asked by uhoh 27 votes
answered by Uwe 29 votes

How far do you have to be from Earth to be "in space"?

According to a recent news article a group of USC students are attempting to launch a rocket "in to space" with a planned height of 62 miles. Making them "the first group of students to successfully ...

terminology standards altitude  
asked by James Jenkins 20 votes
answered by TildalWave 24 votes

How tall do you have to be to be an astronaut?

Currently I am 13 years old and the thought of space amazes me. I am 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m) tall. I researched how tall you had to be to be an astronaut. Sites agreed and disagreed, throwing out a ...

astronauts health  
asked by Mac Vibrant 33 votes
answered by Phiteros 38 votes

What was the fate of the main core of the first Falcon Heavy launch?

February 6th 2018 saw the first test launch of SpaceX's Falcon 9 Heavy rocket. During the main core's landing on the marine landing pad, the connection was lost. As such it is not immediately clear ...

launch spacex landing falcon-heavy  
asked by JAD 54 votes
answered by awksp 38 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How much lower is max q if launching from high altitude (i.e. mountain top)?

I looked at very simple max q formula: q=1/2 ρv^2 ( As air density is lower with altitude, the max q should be lower as well, and also should occur at higher ...

falcon-9 rocket-equation max-q high-altitude-launch  
asked by gvidas astromskas 2 votes

What happens to ablative nozzles after a test fire?

For example RS-68 engine If you make a test fire of an ablative nozzle engine then the fire will consume the coating of that nozzle. That means you have to replace the coating or the entire nozzle. ...

engines ablator  
asked by Joe Jobs 2 votes

Falcon 9 Angle of attack on return flight?

Do they control for angle of attack on the return flight of stage 1 of Falcon 9? Once it reenters thick atmosphere, aerodynamic stresses would be a concern as during launch, maybe more so because you ...

launch falcon-9 launch-sequence vertical-landing return  
asked by a1ex 1 vote
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