DRAKON is a Russian language standard programming interface which was created for the Soviet space program. It had the added benefit of being a visual language, and possibly the first for the Soviet space program.

I wanted to find out if there are any space programs still using the language today? Either new, or old equipment still functioning.


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Is it still in use today?

Considering the sourceforge site for a DRAKON editor shows over 100 downloads this week and it was last updated June 1st, 2015 I'd say that project is active, which strongly suggests the language is still in use.

Are there any space programs still using the language today?

From wikipedia:

The work was finished in 1996 (3 years after the Buran project was officially closed), when an automated CASE programming system called "Grafit-Floks" was developed.

This CASE is used since 1996 in many major space programs: an international project Sea Launch, Russian orbit insertion upper stage Fregat (Russian: Фрегат, frigate), upgraded heavy launch vehicle (carrier rocket) Proton-M, etc.

(CASE standing for Computer Aided Software Engineering, basically the editor for developing in DRAKON)

Now the question becomes: do Fregat or Proton-M still fly?

As of 2012 Fregat was in active production for flight with 10+ stages produced per year. I haven't found any reference to it no longer being used, and it appears to still be on offer on the Arianespace Soyuz Launch Services page as of July 2015.

Wikipedia lists 3 Proton-M launches so far in 2015, though the last one failed.

That gives at least two ongoing programs that use DRAKON.


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