I read a question on Quora that seemed too simple to not find an answer through Google. Alas, it seems RP-1 is rare enough that there isn't more information than "vendors that sell to NASA" for who supplies RP-1 for rocket launches. I would imagine its Shell or Exxon, but it doesn't say. Since its a hydrocarbon, I would imagine its a private company, and that its not refined on-site at the spaceport, but I may be wrong.

So which company sells RP-1 to companies that launch rockets?


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Part of the problem is that RP-1 is a very generic abbreviation. When you add the actual standard that RP-1 must comply with (MIL_DTL_25576), the search results get more specific.

These are the first two companies I found that sell RP-1:

(there are probably more, but you get the general idea now)


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