I got lost down the wiki hole and ended up reading a page on Sergei Avdeyev when I noticed that he has 2 very short spacewalks listed:

  1. MIR EO-20 – 8 December 1995 – 0 hours, 37 minutes
  2. MIR EO-26 – 15 September 1998 – 0 hours, 30 minutes

As far as I understand preparing from and then cleaning up after a spacewalk takes a lot of time and effort, so having such short spacewalks seems like a bit of a waste.

Why where these spacewalks so short? Did something happen during the walks or where they designed to be this short?


The wiki page on Mir space walks has a note for each of these spacewalks. Nothing went wrong, but the reason for them were small routine tasks not taking much time. He just returned after the tasks were done.
A little more detail on the EO-20 spacewalk can be found on page 42 of this pdf.
More about the EO-26 spacewalk is here.

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