In the 1960s, James Van Allen's Outer Planets Panel made a proposal that NASA begin planning missions to the outer planets, that eventually led to Pioneer 10 and 11. I've found many sources that mention it briefly. This one is characteristic:

During this same period an Outer Planets Panel associated with NASA's Lunar and Planetary Missions Board (also chaired by Van Allen) recommended in 1962 that planning should start for low-cost exploratory missions to the outer planets.

Does the text of this recommendation survive? What exactly did they say?


In general, NASA published selected documents as to their exploration policies since inception in Exploring the Unknown Vol. 5: Exploring the Cosmos (copy at http://history.nasa.gov/SP-4407/ETUv5.pdf). You should be able to find specifics as to your question there.

  • $\begingroup$ Try II-21–II-23, which concerns planetary exploration objectives circa 1967. $\endgroup$ – Tawooh Feb 29 '16 at 1:04

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