In terms of engineering documentation for space-qualified electronic components, what is an "SCD"? See, for example, page 6 of this document.

Is an SCD a common document and does it apply to other (non-electronic) components?

Looking at this particular vendor's corresponding web page, there is a link to their company's generic SCD for the particular component class in question, but it sheds no light on the meaning of the "SCD" abbreviation.

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Specification Control Drawing/Document or Source Control Drawing

page 9:

Source Control Drawing (SCD) - Provides an engineering description (including configuration, part number, marking, reliability, environmental, functional / performance characteristics), qualification requirements and acceptance criteria for commercial items or vendor developed items procurable from a specialized segment of industry that provides for application critical or unique characteristics.

page 12:

When parts cannot be procured to Military Specifications, a drawing (such as a Source Control Drawing) should be prepared by the developer to control procurement requirements. The drawing shall include the screening and qualification requirements specified in Tables 2 and 3 of this document for the applicable part type. The drawing shall also include performance parameters, absolute maximum ratings, dimensions, terminal descriptions, materials, and other unique requirements. Existing developer SCDs proposed for use shall be evaluated for compliance to Table 2 and 3 requirements.

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