Is there a NASA or a Roscosmos safety guidelines or something, stating the minimum crew required to safely operate the TMA-M? I.e. get it into orbit and safely re-enter.


In theory 0, as the spacecraft can be remotely controlled by the Teleoperated Control Mode present in all Soyuz spacecraft. This has not been used beyond a few rendezvous tests though, so an onboard pilot is still recommended.

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    $\begingroup$ I personally wonder if a crew of 2 is allowed. No way to simultaneously man the commander seat and keep the weight distributed evenly. (unless maybe you shift some payload to the spare seat). $\endgroup$ – SF. Mar 17 '16 at 12:45
  • $\begingroup$ Is is possible two have 2, and yes, the unoccupied place will be used for extra baggages. This was an option, when Sarah Brightman cancelled her trip. $\endgroup$ – Giacomo Catenazzi Mar 17 '16 at 19:34

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