The usual fare for ISS has very long expiration dates, to last between deliveries, months apart. That, combined with other requirements (no crumbs/powders, no cooking, flatulence-safe etc) considerably limits the choice and surely impacts the taste.

But most delivery missions take below 3 days from launch to docking. Some take only 5-6 hours. Surely the astronauts would welcome food that is different from the usual preserved concentrates. Loading up a couple meals that are prepared shortly before launch, would expire in a couple days, but contain fresh produce shouldn't be that much of a deal.

Is it practiced? Or do astronauts eat the same stuff on the day of delivery as on the day before the next delivery?


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Yes they do. Here are some assorted quotes.

From An Inside Look At How NASA Resupplies The International Space Station:

...the menu includes whole fruit...

From How does NASA transport food to the International Space Station? How often do they do it?:

The fresh food locker contains tortillas, fresh bread, breakfast rolls, and fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, oranges, and carrot and celery sticks

From Nutrition in Spaceflight and Weightlessness Models (Helen W. Lane, Dale A. Schoeller) section 2.2.5 International Space Station food:

Refrigerated items include fresh and fresh-treated fruits and vegetables...


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