I read about the manned mission here and I have a few questions:

  1. What prevents a return trip from Mars. Why can't a spaceship with efficient fuel, food and oxygen supplies be built for a return trip?
  2. How much supplies can we send to sustain human life?
  3. When is a manned mission necessary rather then sending robots like Curiosity to do research on the planet?
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  • $\begingroup$ 1. No, right now there is no infrastructure (or budget to setup one) for a spaceship construction on Mars. There are potentially other ways to approach the return trip, but none of those are currently configured or budgeted either. 2. Not enough data - it depends heavily on the mission configuration and the effects of the environment on human lifespan. 3. Varied - there are many different ways they could die depending on mission configuration, environment, etc. 4. It's not, but it is. Those that support human colonization of space say we need a sustained human presence off-world. $\endgroup$
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Getting back is not impossible, just very expensive.

one Falcon Heavy to get there, ten Saturn V to get there and back again

This site has a good explanation of the phenomenon.

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