Where can I find more detailed information about Spectr-UV? I'm interested to find an in-depth article and/or images of it's components. It seems that it could have offered a unique capability, why haven't there been more space-based UV observatories?

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above: drawing of Spektr-UV from russianspaceweb.org.


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You can find some information on Spectr-UV by searching the web. I've included three links to the Spektr-UV/Spectr-UF mission below. The third gives details of the three planned spectrometers.

There have been more than a dozen space based dedicated UV telescopes/instruments plus two on Hubble (see the link to the Wikipedia List of Space Telescopes article). During the most recent Hubble Servicing Mission in 2009, STIS (the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph) was repaired and COSTAR was replaced with COS (the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph). Both of these are UV instruments. The planned follow on to Hubble, LUVOIR (the Large UltraViolet, Optical, InfraRed survey telescope) will have at least one multi-purpose ultraviolet instrument.

Spectr-UV links:




List of space telescopes (in the Contents list, click on Ultraviolet): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_space_telescopes

STIS (on the HST) links:



COS (on the HST) links:





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