Can anyone help to find data or book on Isp for hybrid rocket engines using LOX as oxidizer?

I am interested to know Isp for LOX combinations with carbon, Al+HTPB, parafin, sugar and others.


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Here's some information from Delft University with a table showing 275-300s specific impulses for various HTPB and PE hybrids.

Here's a nice hybrid overview paper with a broader table, giving LOX-carbon Isp 249s, LOX-HTPB/Al 40% Isp 274s, LOX-paraffin 281s. These figures are all for chamber pressure of 3.5MPa (~35 atmospheres), exhausting at sea level pressure, but expansion ratio not specified.

The closest thing in the latter table to sugar is cellulose, which gives 247s burned with gaseous oxygen. (Sucrose is C6H12O6, sorbitol is C6H14O6, cellulose C6H10O5.)


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