Rover missions are hard - you need to put them down somewhere where they can safely drive around and measure (hopefully a variety of) interesting things.

While there has been quite a lapse in wheeled vehicles on the Moon, with Chang'e 3 and it's rover Yutu, a new era of lunar roving has begun, and with all the Lunar X Prize activity, things are going to get interesting.

Pinpointing a landing on the moon will be difficult for the smaller craft with limited resources, there's no GPS, and the Lunar X Prize contestants may not have the resources to monitor doppler from orbit or from Earth, so the potential landing area will have to be large.

So I've split this off from my earlier question Are there "rover-friendly region maps" for Mars? What about the Moon? which has an accepted answer for Mars.

Question: Are there "rover-friendly region maps" for the Moon? If not, at least what kind of data could be used to help make one?


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