In the wikipedia article on STS-68, in the landing section, it says

Nose wheel stop at 13:02:21 EDT. Wheel stop at 13:03:08 EDT

How can the nosewheel stop time be 47 seconds before wheel stop (which I assume refers to mainwheel stop?) What do these two times refer to?


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It should read "nose wheel touchdown" instead of nose wheel stop. The Wikipedia article for a different flight, STS-70, says:

Nose gear touchdown occurred at 8:02:11 am EDT with wheels stop at 8:02:57 am.

That is, 46 seconds from nosewheel down to full stop. I found another flight with 48 seconds nose-down to full-stop time, so the STS-68 time given seems consistent.

I presume that different pedants have different definitions of flight duration, hence the calling out of two different time stamps for "landing".


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