edit: It's been seven months. close to two years close to two years and seven months over three years now, have any of the 'gift' transponders been used or at least tested yet by the gift recipient nation?

The BBC news item India launches 'invaluable' South Asia satellite describes the 'gifting' or zero-cost licensing of transponders on the recently launched GSAT-9 to other South Asian countries.

So it seems Mr Modi is placing the ISRO in a new orbit by providing this space-based platform that would have cost the participating nations almost $1,500m (£1,158m).

According to the government, the satellite will enable a full range of services to India's neighbours in telecommunication and broadcasting areas such as television, direct-to-home (DTH) services, education, telemedicine, weather forecasting and disaster management support.

Is it possible for one transponder to simultaneously support all or many of those services, or would a country have to pick just one of them? I don't know the total bandwidth available from each transponder. I'm wondering if the idea is more that the transponder would allow experimentation and pilot studies, rather than a full range of services?


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