With the Block 4 version of the Falcon 9, one of the new features is the Titanium Grid fins, vs the previously used Aluminium fins.

However, not all Block 4 flights have used the Ti vs Al fins.

Is there a reason?

Check this question and answer for a great set of images of the two types of fins.


Musk tweeted an answer to a question.

Musk Tweet in which he wrote:

For now, we only use those on super hot reentry missions. Will go to all Ti with Falcon 9 V5, which is a few months away.

So the Block 5 (v5/mod5/Falcon 9 1.3) that is due soon enough, designed for rapid reuse will be the full time target. Until then they are using the cheaper ones, which undoubtedly they have a supply of, to use up in flights on easier landing missions.

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