There are a couple of videos on the net showing some reentries and claiming them to be Tiangong 1. Is any of them authentic?

I could not find any footage on the websites of the major space agencies (CNSA, NASA, ESA) nor on general or space news websites.


As of this point we do not have actual footage of the reentry.

It occurred somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, there is very little to no population there. Almost no planes were at the reentry point. Maybe per coincidence some fisherman or island inhabitant just happened to catch it, but I think it is unlikely.

There is some fake footage, mostly consisting of people filming planes, or shining flashlights at clouds.

A few space agencies and especially the US military probably have some satellite imagery showing a fireball, but will not release it.

A fireball may have been spotted in publicly available satellite imagery. See this twitter thread.


The Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniques near Bonn, Germany released a picture from a distance of 270 kms.

Tiangong-1 - 270 kms from earth's surface

There is some interesting information about how they tracked it in space.com


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