After successfully completing the placement of the Mangalyaan into orbit, is there any plan for ISRO to launch a spacecraft to Venus ?


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There were plans for a Venus mission in 2015 (alternate article)

An Indian scientific mission to Venus is being considered by the space community. This was announced by M S Anurup of Isro at the 17th National Space Science Symposium which has been jointly organised by Isro and Sri Venkateshwara University.

According to Anurup, a preliminary study had indicated that if this mission gets the go ahead and depending upon the orbital parameters, it could be launched on May 20, 2015 arriving in Venus in October 2015.

I don't see any indication of this mission being scrapped, but I don't see any further announcements either. I think it's pretty OK to assume that it is still ongoing.


From what I've read, it should be RISAT mission - ie. the spacecraft that would be sent to Venus would be similar to the radar imaging satellite RISAT-1 which India put in orbit around Earth. Otherwise, Venus' thick clouds make surface observation impossible.

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