What do you think is the mass and power consumption of the COLBERT treadmill? Sources are greatly appreciated.


The most detailed public info on the treadmill I've seen is in the CHeCs Catalog, available here.

Description of the T2 treadmill (you'll see that the word COLBERT doesn't appear in this document...) starts on pdf page 104.

It doesn't give power load for the system explicitly, but paragraph shows that there is a 120 volt DC, 25 amp feed to the system, and gives these component maximum power loads:

  • AAA Fan, max 175 watts
  • Display, max 70 watts
  • Treadmill motor, max 800 watts
  • SLS, max 400 watts (when this document was written, the SLS had not been provided yet)
  • UEIPAC - max 15 watts

enter image description here

The mass is not given in this document but called2voyage kindly pointed out that it's given as 2200 pounds at this page.


  • AAA - Avionics Air Assembly
  • ISPR - International Standard Payload Rack
  • SLS - Subject Loading System
  • SSPCM -Solid State Power Control Module
  • UEIPAC - United Electronic Industries Programmable Automation Controller
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