I just was really curious about all the different electronics and everything that has to do with space probes and I couldn't find just one site telling me everything I wanted to know so if someone could give me a detailed explanation about all the systems that make them fly I'm just really curious. Thanks.


I'm also considering exploring the felid of commercial space flight so really any info helps. Again thanks.


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How I do search information about a spacecraft:

  1. Chooze the spacecraft you like (for example New Horizons).

  2. Go to its Wikipedia page

  3. If wiki info is not enough, look for reference links on the page

  4. If you still didn't find - Google it (search "new horizons spacecraft" for clarity)

  5. For more bulky information add to the search word "pdf"

For "new horizons spacecraft electronics pdf" I found this, for example: http://www.boulder.swri.edu/pkb/ssr/ssr-fountain.pdf

The doc contains basic info about design of the spacecraft.

Is it like something you are looking for?

P.S. It works with most USA (not-classified) and European spacecraft. For Indian and Japanese can work too. For Russian spacecraft you can find mission overwiev, but technical details are usually scarce, as well as for Chinese crafts.


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