A modern CPU is 200 gflops. A 1968 computer is 5 mflops. A few weeks to render a minute of footage.

So since there are only a few minutes of physically relevant footage (lunar rover dust trajectory, object movement, oscillations etc) it wouldn't take much it seems. Refute this


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Your premise is incorrect. Apollo 11 alone generated 3 hours of footage on the surface. The crews had cameras running almost continuously during EVAs (although some of it was at slow speed, down to 1 fps), that requires 75 hours of footage. A list of footage can be found via this answer.

In addition, there were lots of photos, some video in Moon orbit and on the transit from/to the Moon, video during descent and ascent from the Moon. Plus all the audio and telemetry channels (NASA has 19,000 hours of recordings from Apollo 11 alone).


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