I am looking for detailed (as detailed as possible) information on the various space walks carried out on ISS. If I can get minute-by-minute steps taken, which bolts were turned, which wires were connected, etc, that would be awesome. Copies of that little checklist the astronauts have on their arms would be wonderful. I am also interested in large texts describing the general objectives of a spacewalk, the extra tasks if they complete things ahead of schedule, the contingency plans, timeline diagrams, stuff like this.


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Most of the publicly available procedural information you seek is on the Johnson Space Center Flight Data File page.

It may help to briefly review the organization of the EVA checklist documentation.

The EVA Checklist document is just a list of all the documented procedures. The Cuff Checklist is a sub-section of the EVA checklist and mostly deals with failure response. The checklist for each specific EVA is built from the generic checklists with detailed additions as required.

  • The cuff checklist (which is mostly responses to failures) is found inside the larger EVA Checklist. It's Section 15 of that book. enter image description here
  • The detailed procedures for three ISS EVAs are found on the same page.




The detailed procedures have a lot of what you are looking for in them. They include

  • A summary timeline - for EVA crewmembers (EV1, EV2) and the internal support crewmember (IV) enter image description here
  • Pre EVA tool config
  • Prebrief (a verbal summary of the tasks to be performed)
  • Inhibit Pad (a list of devices to be turned off or reconfigured for safety such as antennas)
  • Notes, Cautions and Warnings specific to this EVA
  • The task section, broken down by crewmember. Often "task data" is supplied consisting of detailed drawings/photographs/specs for the task.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

  • Post EVA tool config

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