Checking the onboard video of PSLV C43 gives a feel like the CubeSats are released in very proximity.

Does this mean that these CubeSats will be orbiting in such very close proximity through out their life?

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    $\begingroup$ Go into KSP and put a 6 stage rocket into orbit using cheats. Decouple each stage at about the same rate as shown in the video, fast forward time for a few days and see if they're anywhere near each other ;). The only issue for collision is if they launch the cubesats directly perpendicular to the velocity vector. If only the inclination of the cubesat orbit is changed, there is a chance they'll intercept the space station again. However, when you're travelling at 9.4km/s, those cube sats will have significant differences in position and velocity vectors, even with a short launch intervals. $\endgroup$ – Magic Octopus Urn Nov 30 '18 at 18:13

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