NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine raised the idea that NASA astronauts could somehow be associated with commercial products in his address to the NASA Advisory Council a few months ago. After around 29 minutes he brings up the topic:

I’d like to see kids growing up instead of wanting to be a national sports star, I’d like to see them grow up wanting to be a NASA astronaut, or a NASA scientist. And so, how do we make that a reality? Don’t get me wrong, there are kids who want to do that, but it’s not nearly as prevalent as the sports stars. So we think about- I’d like to see- maybe one day- NASA astronauts on the cover of a cereal box, embedded into the American culture.

He begins the topic a little earlier and continues afterward.

My question is about the current status with NASA. Do astronauts currently need to retire from NASA before they can associate themselves with products?

cued to 29:55


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