This wikipedia list of tracking ships contains ships of the following nations: China, France, Russia and USA.

Are there no other missile range instrumentation ships for support of space operations of other nations, for instance Japan, India, Great Britan and North Korea?

I remember having seen this ship, the Monge in the harbour of Brest at the English Channel's French coast about 20 years ago. enter image description here

Some month later, this ship was mentioned in German TV news, France has admitted the existance of a secret surveillance ship, the Monge. I had to laugh, the existance and purpose of such a ship could not be hidden, especially in the navy harbour of Brest easily seen from civilian areas of Brest

  • $\begingroup$ Are you asking about tracking/surveillance ships in general or only those being used to support space missions? $\endgroup$ – Alex Hajnal Jan 5 at 23:01

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