I keep hearing about satellite traps, which have something to do with receiving and transmitting satellite communications, but I can't seem to find a definition.

The securityaffairs.co blogpost Hack Satellite Connection and Surf Anonymously with High-speed Internet says:

A Spanish-based security analyst demonstrated new satellite capturing traps that could allow to surf anonymously with High-speed Internet.


In a presentation at the Black Hat security gathering in Arlington, Va., Tuesday, Spanish cybersecurity specialist Leonardo Nve introduced a mixed bag of traps for obtaining entrance to and abusing satellite Internet associations. Utilizing not even exactly $75 as a part of devices, Nve, a scientist with security firm S21Sec, says that he can catch Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) signs to get free rapid (extremely high speed) Internet.

But I still don't understand what the trap actually is! Is it something in space, or on the ground? Are there any aspects of traps that relate to how the satellite operates or orbits the Earth?


From the information in the question it's clear to me that those traps are illegal ground stations. Normally you need a subscription to get satellite internet. This researcher has found a way to decode the signals and get free access.


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