Is it possible that mining on asteroids could bring life back to Earth such as bacteria?


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Technically speaking, we don't know if or how possible it is. There have been many attempts to figure out if there is other life out there in the universe, one of the largest I'm aware of being SETI. However, it is worth noting that none of these have found anything yet. There are theories about things we've observed suggesting there might be aliens:

  • A rock found in Antarctica from Mars with a potential fossilized bacteria.
  • WOW signal (might be called something else but was an observed signal from SETI)
  • Strange light intensity signal from a star (KIC 8462852 / Tabby's Star)

There are many others but these were the most credible in recent times. Note that the scientific community ultimately determined that none of these were aliens. So to answer your original question, yes it's technically possible but incredibly improbable. It's something that is so negligibly low, that it basically won't happen as far as we're aware.

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    $\begingroup$ KIC 8462852 / Tabby's Star is the name for the Alien Megastructure. $\endgroup$ – Magic Octopus Urn Feb 26 at 19:46

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