After seeing the interesting question How do ISS astronauts “get their stripes”?, I was wondering why the color red was chosen for the identifying stripe:

enter image description here

I am assuming that red is the best color that stands out against their white suits and/or anything they may be working near, and perhaps shows up best when watching via Camera/CCTV. However, on this forum, someone noted that Dick Gordon's stripes were Yellow, to salute his Naval background (Navy Gold).

Also shown in one of the Answers for "How do ISS astronauts 'get their stripes'" question is a candy-striped marker, is there any official reason for that over a solid stripe? Or does that astronaut just have a strong affection for candy-canes?

enter image description here

Is there official explanation on the color choices? Could an astronaut have, say a blue stripe, or [insert Astronaut's favorite color here] if they wanted?


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