ScienceAlert.com's Astronauts on The Space Station Liked SpaceX's 'Earthy' Toy So Much They Kidnapped It shows a series of photos of Earthy, the new plushy member of the ISS crew.

In the photo below Earthy has one hand on what looks like a pretty important joystick control and one foot on a control panel. Both the joystick and some of the buttons have metal guards around them to protect from accidental manipulation.

What are the joystick and control panel for; what do they do?

Photo: Source Anne McClain/NASA

Earthy in the ISS cupola


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That is the space station robot arm control station aka the Robotics Workstation - one of two aboard the ISS. There's a long answer about its controls on the site already: (What is the user interface of SSRMS)

Earthy is holding the Translational Hand Controller and her feet are resting on the Display and Control Panel.


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