In the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon video Trevor Noah Spoke to Astronauts in Space at NASA after about 02:10, talk show host, author and comedian Trevor Noah described touring NASA (Texas) and speaking to one or more astronauts on the ISS via voice link.

Has it been made public when this was, and with which astronauts he spoke?


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The Orion Project's Twitter feed (at Johnson Space Center) posted a picture of Noah on June 22, 2019, approximately four days before the Tonight Show clip aired. He was on tour and had a show in Houston that evening. He also was in Fayetteville, Arkansas for another show the previous evening, so it seems likely that his visit was actually on the 22nd and not prior.

At the time, Expedition 59 was on board, and it was comprised of six astronauts:

  • Oleg Kononenko, commander (RUS)
  • David Saint-Jacques (CAN)
  • Anne McClain (USA)
  • Aleksey Ovchinin (RUS)
  • Nick Hague (USA)
  • Christina Koch (USA)

Since Noah is something of an American cultural figure but is less known outside of North American, I would guess that it's more likely that Noah spoke with one or more of the American astronauts, a bit less likely that he spoke with Saint-Jacques, and rather less likely that he spoke with either of the Russian astronauts. But that's really just a guess on my part.


It happened on June 22rd of this year based on the clock in the background - GMT day 173. Legendary GC William Foster took this picture during the event.

You can see astronauts Koch, McClain, and Saint-Jacques aligned one way, and Hague the other way. (note - ID of the males tentative! Based on looking at the crew photo here )

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ @uhoh A lot of more or less famous people tour MCC (I have to admit I didn't know who Trevor Noah was when you posted this). William Foster mentions visits all the time. Hugh Jackman (even I have heard of him) visited the same week. $\endgroup$ Commented Jul 9, 2019 at 16:01
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