The new Curious Droid video Apollo's Forgotten Computer - The LVDC discussed the Saturn V flight computer that's also discussed in answers to Is this really the Saturn V computer only, or are there other systems here as well?.

At one point there is a discussion of the Launch Abort system and a few seconds of file footage is shown.

In addition to the launch abort rocket igniting, at about 11:18 the video shows a rapid disassembly of several rocket components.

Was it intended for the rocket to "fall apart" like this into so many pieces? If so, how is this accomplished?

rapid scheduled disassembly GIF from here

Who coined the phrase 'Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly'?


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No. I think this is actually the May 23, 1965 A-003 test, described in my answer to the question, Could a spacecraft spin so fast that it spontaneously deconstructs?

Notice that the rocket and Apollo CM are spinning. That isn't supposed to happen. In A-003, improperly installed gyros caused the vanes on the fins to deflect fully in one direction, imparting a spin that accelerated. Eventually this caused breakup of the Little Joe II rocket that triggered the actual abort.


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