@TomSpilker's excellent answer to How (the heck) do they know some lakes on Titan are 100 meters deep? says at the very end:

As far as the lakes (smaller than the seas) go, as the sources you cite state, the last close Cassini flyby of Titan used this technique to measure depths of some of these lakes. Some researchers had proposed that the lakes are considerably shallower than the seas. This experiment put an end to that idea!

Are there both "lake" and "sea" designations on Titan? Officially or otherwise?


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The International Astronomical Union is the most official source on this matter.

Among other surface features on Titan the IAU recognizes 81 lakes (lacūs, "small dark plains with discrete, sharp boundaries") of 5km to 240km diameter (median 36km), and three larger seas (maria, "large expanses of dark materials thought to be hydrocarbons"):

Kraken Mare, 1170km in diameter; Ligeia Mare, 500km in diameter, and Punga Mare, 380km in diameter.

The IAU's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature has chosen themes or naming conventions for each class of feature on Titan; the lacūs are named for Earth lakes (similarly shaped ones, preferably), and the maria are named for mythical sea creatures.


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