Is the sun appears reddish orangish in satellite photos, why does light appear as a whitish yellowish color? Shouldn't it be the same color as it appears in satellite photos?


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Those orange sun photos are false color images. The images are constructed from one or more monochrome images, and flase color is added later.

Another example of a false color image triggering a question here is Is the “Mars blue dune” actually blue? And what makes it so? which now has seven answers!

The concept of white point is a rabbit hole of complexity and nuance, but sunilight is definitely considered fairly close to "white", whatever that means.

If you want to add a link to one or more of those "reddish orangish in satellite photos" you've been seeing, then your question might be more accurately answered with a link to the specific false-color description for those photos. See for example the SOHO images in What's the rationale behind the false colours in solar observation photographs?

Another example, the images in Is this really an image of the sun, or an “artist's conception”? and its answers are real, but the coloring is still false. They are taken through very narrow filters, and each image is monochrome. They are reassembled on Earth and artificial color is added, though no artificial flavoring.

solar prominence

Source: Phys.org's What the 'weather' is like on a star can help in the search for life


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