There seems to be some piecemeal information online such as RussianSpaceWeb.com, and of course, Sutton's History of LPRE gives an anthropological treatment of Soviet/Russian rocket engine lineup without providing a lot of detail about them. Is there any work in English that discuss them from a more technological perspective? They have some very interesting engines that have no western equivalent, e.g. ORSC engine that runs on UDMH/NTO, not to mention producing nearly all the closed-cycle engines.

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    $\begingroup$ I love Anatoly Zak's book that is based on RussianSpaceWeb.com but Ii wish he had organized it different or at least had a appendix listing the boosters with common performance metrics and same for engines. As they are scattered throughout the book and hard to compare. $\endgroup$ – geoffc Sep 29 '19 at 0:32

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