In an attempt to find photos from any of Apollo missions that portray Sony TC-50 voice recorder/player that was used in these missions I came across the following picture: enter image description here

There is better quality of the picture on this webpage (the page doesn't allow copying or even providing direct link to the photo).

The photo, apparently, is part of a Sony advertisement.

Mentioned above webpage claims that we see Eugene Cernan and John Young:

Holding the TC-50 is Eugene A. Cernan, Lunar Module Pilot ; behind him is John W. Young, Command Module Pilot.

I've looked through quite a few photos of Cernan and Young available on internet, and these two people on the photo above don't really resemble them to me (but I might be mistaking, of course).

There are few reasons why I assumed this was a dedicated photoshoot (rather than a photo from a mission or training):

  • suits and gloves look different (there is USA flag but no NASA logo)
  • lighting looks perfectly arranged for a photoshoot
  • both men don't seem to be in a natural pose for a candid shot.

I've also found another Sony advertisement published in Life Magazine, August 8, 1969. Below is the cropped part of it: enter image description here This seems to be a photo from another angle of the same scene as the first shot.

Am I mistaking, and these were real NASA astronauts on a mission/training (in this case I would appreciate if someone could recognize who these astronauts were), or were they just a photo models for dedicated photoshoot?


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I found some right-facing contemporary shots of the two men (photo credits: NASA) and laid them beside the men in the ad.

Top right picture is Cernan, bottom right picture is Young.

enter image description here

My conclusion: nope.


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