I have been doing some research and with the growing scale of large number of small sats and I am trying to see if there has been work done to study the coverage capability for these constellations.

Right now the only way I can think is to propagate every satellite over a given period of time (30 -60 days), and compute its access to all the desired points, and then move forward to the next satellite.

Any thoughts would be helpful


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I would recommend you to take a look at the 'technical comparison of three low earth orbit satellite constellation systems to provide global broadband' (del Portillo et al.). Available here.

In this work authors focus on the mega-constellation throughput estimation and some analysis in terms of ground infrastructure is also present. I assume you might use some of their assumptions.

I would also like to recommend you the SaVi software. Their web-site2 include numerous examples of academic works, some of which might be also useful for your goal.

Hope it helps.



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