Do the astronauts use any word, other than "fired" when referring to the use of the Reaction Control System for attitude control or translation?


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One can "start" or "execute" the "burn" or the "maneuver".

Examples are found in the Shuttle Crew Operations Manual

  • on page 7.2-3

To perform an automatic maneuver, the crew first enters the required data on the UNIV PTG display for the desired maneuver. To start the maneuver at a set time, that time is also entered on the UNIV PTG display. After checking the data, the crew enters an Item 18, 19, or 20, as appropriate, to start the maneuver. With AUTO DAP selected, an auto maneuver will begin at the set time or as soon as Item 18, 19, or 20 is entered if the maneuver start time is in the past. Item 21 is used to cancel a maneuver.

  • on page 7.2-5

Orbit translation maneuvers can be conducted using the OMS engines or RCS jets. The OMS engines are usually used for larger maneuvers. Burn targets for preplanned orbit OMS or RCS burns are normally transmitted to the crew from Mission Control. The crew will then load those (or verify auto-loaded) targets and execute the burn at the appropriate time. OMS/RCS burn monitoring and control for orbit burns is similar to that discussed in Section 7.3.

  • on page 7.3-3

One technique for +X RCS burns is called the Patterson Maneuver. Here, the crew first maneuvers the vehicle to the proper burn attitude, as displayed on the MNVR EXEC display. Then they pitch the nose up 3° high. So, when they start the burn with the THC, the vehicle will pitch down to the correct attitude, since aft RCS jets are above the c.g., and the 3° deadband will hold it there. A variation on the technique is to start the burn in attitude, allow the vehicle to pitch down toward the 3° deadband limit, then pitch up 6° to the other side of the deadband. The vehicle will slowly pitch back down and hold the desired attitude.

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