NASA Spaceflight's Iridium marks major milestone with maritime safety, breaks monopoly says:

Since its implementation, Inmarsat has held a monopoly over the GMDSS.

But that has now changed.

In May 2019, Iridium obtained recognition from the International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Safety Committee to serve as a GMDSS provider. With that, Iridium was one step closer to being able to provide vessel owners with a choice of GMDSS equipment for the first time ever.

and a bit farther down:

According to Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium Communications, “This was something I was interested in when I first arrived at Iridium. I said, ‘Why aren’t we supplying that service? We have all the technical capabilities of doing it.

“And the answer was that there was a monopoly and that the regulatory organizations were staffed with people from the company with the monopoly. There was literally no interest in changing the way things were done.”

Question: Were regulatory agencies involved in approving GMDSS providers staffed with people from Inmarsat? If so, were they Inmarsat employees sitting at regulatory desks, or were they people who had worked at Inmarsat in the past? Which agencies were these?

For example, like (hypothetically speaking) ex-Boeing people working at the FAA or ex-Oil executives working at EPA.


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