This comment below Where there any spacecraft with nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, but without a system for nitrogen replenishment? mentions:

Both Skylab and shuttle had N2 tanks for atmosphere makeup.

Did either have enough nitrogen to rebuild a new atmosphere to the same pressure if there was a major venting anomaly and the current atmosphere was completely lost? Or was the nitrogen only enough to make small adjustments?


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Skylab had 1630 lbm of N2 at launch. That's enough to fill the 12,750 cubic foot habitable volume ~ one and a half times to sea level pressure and temperature even ignoring any oxygen.

Shuttle N2 tanks were mission kits so not every mission flew with all tanks. A typical mission, STS-88, had 400 lbm of N2 two and a half hours into the mission. Oddly enough, that's also about enough to fill the 2475 cubic foot Orbiter cabin a couple of times to sea level pressure and temperature, ignoring any oxygen.

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