According to their twitter account:

18 Space Control Squadron (18 SPCS) detects, tracks, and identifies all artificial objects in Earth orbit.

Is 18 SPCS a US military squadron? Is it a part of one particular branch of the US military? If so, does that branch happen to be Space Force?


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Yes and Yes!

The 18th SPCS (f.n.a "JSpOC") is a Part of the former "Air Force Space Command" (Wikipedia 18 Space Control Squadron).

The AFSpC on the other hand became the "US Space Force" (AFSpC Website)

Because the establishment of the US Space Force just happend only some months ago, plenty of sources and Wikipedia-Sites are outdated saying 18th SPCS is part of the US Airforce. But it is still belonging to the Department of the Air Force (Wikipedia Dep. of AF)


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