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The image above is from Phys.org's article Steep slopes on Mars reveal structure of buried ice that I came upon by the link in a comment from @Mark Adler after his answer to this question.

It shows one of the eight scarps that researchers using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have found where thick deposits of ice are exposed in faces of their eroding slopes.
Those eight sites are at latitudes from about 55 to 58 degrees but their exact location is not revealed in that article.


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Scarp #1:

According to this NASA information, this specific scarp is located at 56.6 degrees South latitude, 114.1 degrees East longitude. This picture was taken on May 7, 2011.

I went to Google Earth Pro, and inputted the coordinates: -56.6, 114.1 on Mars, and it looks the same. Note the "wedge" shape.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Scarp #2:

Here's another one of those 8 scarps. At coordinates 55.309, 253.45.

enter image description here

This is a cropped image. Circled by me. The original photo can be found here.

On Google Earth Pro, you can find it by inputting the above coordinates.

enter image description here

Scarp #3:

Located at Milankovič Crater. Located at 55.212, 213.103.

enter image description here

Here's the Google Earth Pro image:

enter image description here

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Table S1 in the supplement of this article in Science gives the locations of the 7 scarps in the southern hemisphere and the multiple scarps in Milankovic crater north of Olympus Mons.
Scarp 1 to 7 are all situated southeast of Hellas basin within latitudes 55⁰ - 58.1⁰ S and longitudes 89⁰ - 114.1⁰ E

Scarp 1 ( 56.6⁰S, 114.1⁰E )

See the other answer.

Scarp 2 ( 55.1⁰S, 109.4⁰E )

Scarp 2

Part from https://uahirise.org/ESP_065206_1245
(Click on the image, and then again, for a closer view)

Notification: Scarp #2 in the other answer is another new one not mentioned in Table S1.

Scarp 3 ( 58.1⁰S, 93.7⁰E )

Scarp 3

Part from https://uahirise.org/ESP_040772_1215
(Click on the image, and then again, for a closer view)

Scarp 4 ( 55.0⁰S, 108.9⁰E )

Scarp 4

Part from https://uahirise.org/ESP_022943_1245
(Click on the image, and then again, for a closer view)

Scarp 5 ( 57.2⁰S, 89.8⁰E )

Scarp 5

Part from https://uahirise.org/ESP_049198_1225
(Click on the image, and then again, for a closer view)

Scarp 6 ( 56.9⁰S, 96.3⁰E )

Scarp 6

Part from https://uahirise.org/ESP_057677_1230
(Click on the image, and then again, for a closer view)

Scarp 7 (57.5⁰S, 91.9⁰E )

Scarp 7

Part from https://uahirise.org/ESP_065510_1220
(Click on the image, and then again, for a closer view)

Milankovic crater ( 54.8⁰N, 148⁰W ) (multiple scarps)

Multiple scarps
Part from https://uahirise.org/ESP_024943_2345
(Click on the image, and then again, for a closer view)

More scarps in Milankovic crater on the following images:

With many thanks to the HiRISE !

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