I am writing a research essay where I need to know the specific details of a gravity assist mission such as Voyager 2's flyby of Jupiter for example (but any mission would work as long as it is a flyby and I have the specific details). I am looking for incoming velocity, exit velocity, mass of spacecraft, periapsis altitude, argument of periapsis, inclination, trajectories. I basically need all the information to do any gravity assist calculation and I am unable to find at least 1 mission where all of this is released (I have been primarily looking at NASA and the JPL Horizons).

When I google gravity assist on Wikipedia I see a bunch of simulations of the trajectories of spacecrafts performing a gravity assist (including Voyager 1, Voyager 2, Galileo - but again any one would work, I just need sufficient data for one mission). I figured that since the trajectory simulation is public there must be a place where all the un-processed data exists. If anyone knows where I could find this it would be greatly appreciated!



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