What was the largest period without space launches after say 1970? I had to chose a random year because I guess in the first years of the Space Age the gaps were the largest anyway.

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Using the JSR launch report data, there have been five gaps of 30+ days since 1961. Note that these are all calculated on the basis of calendar days in UTC - depending on exactly where and when they were launched, the "local" dates might be ± a day either way.

  • 35 days, 1961-12-22 to 1962-01-26 (plus two failed launches)
  • 30 days, 1963-02-19 to 1963-03-21 (plus two failed launches)
  • 32 days, 1993-02-21 to 1993-03-25
  • 32 days, 2001-10-25 to 2001-11-26
  • 35 days, 2005-11-16 to 2005-12-21

Prior to December 1961, gaps were a lot longer - there were several periods of two or three months, and one of almost four months (116 days) in mid-1959.

This data covers all successful or partially successful launches but does not include failed launches - if you count those, the time between launch attempts is shorter. On close examination, the 1960s periods had a couple of those, which I've flagged up.

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