update: Aviation Week November 8, 2020: NASA Chief Plans To Step Aside Under Biden

In the "Angry Astronaut" video NASA'S Lunar Gateway Announcement - This REALLY matters to Artemis, SpaceX and lunar exploration the curmudgeon-like yet humorous commentator has plenty to say, including:

Angry Decree 1: No more than 50 screw ups on a test flight

A bit after 16:10 the narrator says (my own, amateur unofficial transcription):

But since that time, Jim Bridenstine has proven himself to be an effective administrator, and he has a lot of insight, and a lot of really good ideas.

And I think in many ways he knows that his days may be numbered, and that’s one of the reasons why he put this agreement in place, among many other things, to make certain that Artemis proceeds the way that he wants it, and not the way that the House of Representatives put forward, handing everything over to “these guys” (holding a coffee cup that appears to be Boeing-related based on subsequent context)

Question: What is the context and back story related to this apparent assertion that NASA director Bridenstine is making sure things get done in a way different than how the US "House of Representatives put forward"?

I don't think its meant to be taken 100% literally, but to what situation does this refer?



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