I'm looking for a resource that will tell me all the important pre-launch events of an Apollo mission from when the rocket rolls out of the VAB to liftoff. Specifically, I'm interested in the Apollo 8 mission. Does anyone know of a book or website or video I can look at with this information?


There's a general, early overview of the operations in Saturn V Apollo Launch Operations Plan. It starts on document page 15.

Stages to Saturn Appendix B has some general summary info as well.

There are detailed post-mission reports for Apollo 8 that go over the countdown to some extent

enter image description here

(from the mission report)

I've been looking for a detailed Saturn V countdown myself. So far I've only found a Saturn-1B countdown and a Saturn V scrub-turnaround countdown - it's Volume 2 of the countdown documents and I'd sure like to find Volume 1...

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