Do the passengers in Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity spacecraft have a parachute or some other way to escape the spacecraft if needs be?

In the VSS Enterprise crash that occurred on October 31, 2014, the pilots did have a parachute but I wonder if passengers also have one or some other escape mechanism.

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    $\begingroup$ If I had to guess, the answer would be "No", for the same reason that passengers in any other passenger aircraft also don't carry parachutes: a) they are not trained and thus wouldn't know how to safely egress the craft and use the parachutes anyway, b) any effort invested in designing, developing, testing, and certifying parachutes for emergency egress can simply be put to better use by instead designing, developing, testing, and certifying the craft such that the need does not arise. $\endgroup$ – Jörg W Mittag Dec 24 '20 at 22:19

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