Looked around for comparison pictures, but can't find anyone (yet), probably because lunar gateway design is not yet stable. Or is it? I found several different designs.

Do they exist "blueprint" of LG, ISS, and possibly also MIR, to make a comparison?

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Orbital velocity provides a 3d paper model of a "minimal version" of Lunar Gateway, maybe usable to do some measurements:

Orbital Velocity Lunar Gateway 3d paper model


There are only Power Module (PPE), HALO module and Orion capsule.

I did some measurements:

  • PPE: 25x25x31 mm ; panels: 58x197 mm
  • HALO: 33 mm diameter, 16.5mm radius by 60mm length (plus a part around 10mm - protruding from an edge)

Scale is 1:100, hence:

  • PPE: 2.5x2.5x3.1 m; panels = 5.8 x 19.7 m
  • HALO: 3.3m diameter by 7 meters length

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The design of the Gateway is still in flux, but here's an illustration from a couple of years ago showing it next to the ISS (lower right corner).

enter image description here

Source (in Spanish)

This image compares Mir and ISS

enter image description here

Source Historic Spacecraft


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