The videos and simulations I've seen suggest the reentry burn lasts 30 seconds.

This is followed by the final landing burn and it may be preceded by a boostback burn.

I'm interested only in the reentry burn: Is it always 30 s? Is it a timed burn, or is programmed to last until some constraint is met---e.g., when some target velocity or altitude is reached?

Would 45 s be too long for a reentry burn?

  • $\begingroup$ I don't know for certain, but I suspect they may have a minimum burn to prevent damage, but otherwise burn until a certain amount of propellant is left. The velocity at the start of the landing burn should be much more sensitive to propellant load than to the velocity at the end of the reentry burn, being close to terminal velocity, so it could make sense to burn off excess. $\endgroup$ – Christopher James Huff Mar 30 at 22:29

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