I'm simulating a launch and I often hit minimum throttle before I hit MECO (triggered at 15% fuel mass---my reserve for stage-1 reentry). Acceleration then begins to rise to maybe 3.3 g by the time stage 1 shuts down.

This doesn't happen always, and I can tweak launch parameters to ensure I hit MECO before I hit minimum throttle. But even then I am always very close to the point where acceleration would begin to rise.

And this leaves me wondering, if my simulation isn't horribly off, whether Falcon 9 is programmed to kill an engine or two on manned missions, if needed to keep acceleration at 3g.

If yes, is it more likely that it be the center engine or that it be a pair of peripheral engines? (Falcon 9 has nine engines in stage 1: a center engine and eight peripheral engines arranged in a circle about the center engine).

If this info isn't available, opinions would be OK---just please qualify them as such.

TLDR: Does Falcon 9 kill engines to limit g's on manned missions, and would it be the center engine or a pair of peripheral engines?


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