This launch video shows a very gradual stage-1 flipover.

The flipover starts right after MECO, before the 3:00 mark, and it continues slowly until just after the 6:00 mark.

Or that's the impression I have, since that's the time it takes for the stage-1 camera to go from pointing to one side of the globe ("West" or whatever it is) to pointing to the other side of the globe ("East").

Am I interpreting this right? Can a flipover really take minutes to complete? I've seen video showing much much faster flipovers---on the order of 10-15 seconds, I think?

A slow flipover actually makes more sense to me, as it can be done without super powerful cold gas thrusters---even a thruster rated at only a few lbf could manage a slow flipover. But I'd been under the impression that flipovers were generally fast and that they must have required cold gas thrusters much stronger than any standard thruster made for satellites and small spacecraft.


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